Why Your Foothill Ranch Air Conditioner Isn't Working

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It is a sad fact that over 90% of all Foothill Ranch home air conditioners have near fatal flaws in them. The vast majority of breakdowns are directly attributed to a substandard installation and substandard maintenance. (Click on the $77 Learn More...I added a Super Air Conditioning Tune Up for free.) Limited Time Offer.

This is where we step in. 1 (949) 855-0141

This $77 offer isn't just a tune up...heck just about every air conditioning company does normal tune ups. This is a full diagnostic tune up to find how many btus your air conditioning should put out and how many btus it is actually putting out. Bubba's A/C Company cannot tell you that because they lack the education to save you money. If we cannot save you money, tell'm Jim said it's okay that you don't have to pay, seriously....I mean it.foothillranch-central air conditioning repair quote

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foothillranch-central air conditioning service quoteOur service professionals will take a 3 step approach to discovering and quantifying the reasons why your electricity bills are too high and why your air conditioner doesn't perform the way it should. Most Foothill Ranch homeowners don't even know whether or not their air conditioner is robbing them and providing poor air quality and poor comfort until we show them exactly what their existing system can do for them.

This year, every dollar is going to count. Electricity prices are expected to jump to their highest level in years. So, if your air conditioner or furnace isn't running at maximum efficiency, you'll be wasting your money and be uncomfortable. Reduce operating cost and equipment failure before the hot, steamy uncomfortable months ahead!

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Step 1 - No Obligation System Evaluation

This takes about 1 1/2 hours.

This evaluation is risk free because if you don't love what we have to offer, you can skip the payment. this service is normally $139, but I am running this limited special for only $39 or free on Foothill Ranch Air Conditioners.

This includes the following diagnostic procedures by a fully qualified, factory trained and National Comfort Institute Graduate:

Static Pressure Check Pre-Filter
Static Pressure Check Post Filter
Static Pressure Check Pre-Evaporator Coil
Static Pressure Check Post-Evaporator Coil
Incoming Dry Bulb Temperature
Incoming Wet Bulb Temperature
Outgoing Dry Bulb Temperature
Outgoing Wet Bulb Temperature
Projected Btu Output
Factory Listed Btu Output
Duct Loss Btu, Duct Gain Btu, Duct Evaluation
Effective Efficiency, Effective SEER Rating
Freon Levels
Sub Cooling Check and Recording
Super Heat Check and Recording
Heat Exchanger Safety Check
Indoor Blower Motor Amperage Check
Outdoor Fan Motor Amperage Check
Compressor Amperage Recording (Start)
Compressor Amperage Recording (Run)
Contactor Burn Check
and Electrical Connections Check.

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Linn Livingston

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Rod Ethridge

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Linda Campanile

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Step 2 - No Obligation Recommendation for our Foothill Ranch Neighbors

Based on the factors and discoveries that we find in Step 1 we can recommend the best course of action, if any, to remedy electricity and comfort robbing features of your system.

Just what are the recommendations?

You need not fear anything. Our average service call is under $100, so you can afford to have your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency.

Here are some typical recommendations to help improve heating and air conditioner performance:

Filter change
Blower Wheel Cleaning
Evaporator Coil Cleaning
Duct Sealing
Duct Addition
Duct Cleaning
Supply Dampeners
Freon Adjustment
Freon Leak Repair
Outdoor Coil Rejuvenation
Line Set Repair
Return Register Enlargement
Supply Register Change
Heat Exchanger Repair
Gas Burner Air Fuel Adjustment
Vent Assembly Adjustment

Furnace Repair Questions

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Step 3 - Risk Free System Rejuvenation Guaranteed!

Testing and certification.

Your Foothill Ranch air conditioning system should run trouble-free for many years with regular maintenance and proper initial installation. Always have a city permit and inspection. The inspector works for you to ensure that he work is done correctly.

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